Month: February 2017

Letterform Archive

Last week was a whirlwind as I ran all over the San Francisco Bay Area learning about the letterpress resources that are available there and absorbing as much information as possible from each source place when I visited them. Before I go any further, I need to thank my friend, […]

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Rolling Flat File

I haven’t been talking much about the weaving side of my life and livelihood much lately because the focus of my blog has always been on what’s new. This time of year, in particular, it’s a tough balancing act. New cloth needs to be designed and created in time for […]

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Printing 1,000 Business Cards

A few folks have asked me how I print 1,000 business cards. One at a time? In big sheets? For now, I am printing them one at a time on a giant press powered by a foot treadle. Eventually, I might be busy enough that I can set up the […]

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