Rolling Flat File

I haven’t been talking much about the weaving side of my life and livelihood much lately because the focus of my blog has always been on what’s new. This time of year, in particular, it’s a tough balancing act. New cloth needs to be designed and created in time for the Summer shows so my attention is divided between this and the development of the letterpress skill set and business.

[Tying 1200 Knots]

Right now, along with preparing the next batch of cloth in a wide array of blues, I also set out to correct a weakness in the print studio’s organization. The flat files are heavy and large. Especially in the early days when I’m not sure all of the different ways I’ll use the space, it would be very nice to be able to move the flat file cabinet in one piece while it’s filled with hundreds of pounds of paper.

[Rolling Base, Framed]

Enter the wheel! (Thank goodness someone invented this already.) If I just put the cabinets on top of a custom cart with locking casters, I could roll it to wherever I want it.

[Ready to Connect]

Drill, bolt, flip, done!


And tomorrow looks quite the same – hours of thread work and hours of print studio work. Wheee!!!

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