It’s all about balance

  • Working in the studio vs. Hiking in the mountains
  • The quiet, rural life vs. Big shows in big cities

I work a lot so it’s very likely that when you stop by the studio I’ll be there with ink on my apron, ready to greet you with a smile and show you around my printmaking wonderland. But, if you’re traveling to see me or need to make sure that you have my undivided attention, it’s better if you make an appointment.

I ask for a phone number if you are booking an appointment in the near future. This just lets me text you a confirmation instead of emailing it. I will not call you.

I look forward to seeing you!

Book An Appointment

I will only use your phone number to send a text confirmation of your appointment.

Project Discussion

If you want to discuss a project, please tell me more by filling out the form below. This will make sure that I’m prepared to help you get your project started as easily as possible.