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Handmade Natural Pigments

I hike through the hills of New Mexico as my daily meditation and collect minerals to grind into artist-quality pigments. I use them to produce watercolor paints and make them available in their natural form.

  • ¬†All Minerals Ethically Hand Collected
  • Pure Ancient Pigments
  • No Fillers
  • Simple Food Grade Watercolor Binder
  • Add Pigments to Acrylic, Oil, Encaustic, and more

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New Releases

Hot off the press! Here are some brand new products that I finished just in time for the holiday season.


Containing only pure mineral pigment powder and natural food grade binder ingredients, these paints work the same as standard watercolors.

Pigment Powders

For use with acrylic, oil paint, clay paint, encaustic and more. These are the pure mineral pigment powders that I use to craft my watercolor paints.

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