The Blog is Back!

So many people have asked great questions about what I do, why I do it, and how it all works. I have decided to answer these questions by writing a series of blog posts. Use the link in the top menu to go and explore those answers as I write them.

New Storefront Space!
Madrid, New Mexico

I'm just starting the setup of my new space in Madrid. When it's done, I'll have a working print shop, a small gallery, and room to host intimate workshops. Keep watching my Instagram feed for updates as it comes together. (Click any image in the lefthand column to get there...)

New Products In The Store

After a couple months of hard work, there is a pretty good selection of items in my web store. My new stone pigments and watercolor paints are available in a variety of forms.


My Philosophy

I believe that producing artwork by hand can change a world that is dealing with chronic disconnectedness. When you experience the quality that can only happen by hand, you can feel that I took the time to produce each piece one at a time. It brings us back to an era when people took the time to consider what they were making.

My Story

I'm a serial production artist specializing in difficult-to-master almost-gone crafts with a strong emphasis on complicated machines from the 1800's. When I moved to New Mexico, I fell instantly in love with the landscape, the stones, and the rich history of printmaking here. Keep an eye out to see how this love manifests in handmade pigments, paints, inks, and finally, new artistic print work.

When you hire me to do your printing, you are unleashing a typography and color-obsessed maniac who will ensure that every piece of the puzzle is working in tandem with the others to create exactly the effect you are looking for.


(and other tools)

Letterpress printing requires a lot of specialized (and heavy!) tools and supplies. Here are the main players in this studio.


Chandler & Price 10x15 Old Style


Weighing in at about 1800 pounds, this beautiful machine is the workhorse at the center of the entire operation.

Designed in 1884, this "Old Style" press is one of the prettiest that I've seen. Restored to museum condition, it's really a sight to behold.


Challenge 26" Guillotine

"The Beast"

This is the second-most important tool in the shop, weighing in at about 800 pounds.

This beautiful tool is capable of cutting stacks of paper 3" high with astonishing precision.


Chandler & Price 19" Guillotine

"Little Miss"

At less than 400 pounds, this is the petite tool of the top tier. Easier to manage than "The Beast", this cutter handles all of the small jobs.


Richeson Proofing Press


Every job needs to be "proofed", printing a few pieces for testing and approval without the commitment of setting up and inking the big press.

The Richeson baby press is perfect for this job, taking up almost no table space but giving good, even pressure for the proofs.


The Fonts


Letterpress printing would be nothing without metal type. The studio currently has over 60 fonts of metal type in a variety of styles, allowing me to take on many types of jobs from the jaunty and informal to the most conservative.

Can I do some printing for you?

If you're wondering how to start the process of getting custom letterpress work from my studio, just send me a message and let me know what you're thinking about. I'll get in touch quickly to start the ball rolling.