Letterpress Studio Move, Day 2

This was another big day for my new letterpress studio. The first thing I did was take one step to prepare for the grand finale of the moving process, renting a trailer and hauling BIG stuff. Before I can rent a trailer, I needed a trailer hitch.

[Just got hitched!]
After that was installed, I went off to Ann’s studio to move the last few big things. The biggest and most daunting is this guillotine cutter.
[Big cutter on a rickety old table]
I don’t know how much it weighs, probably 300-500 pounds because I am completely incapable of lifting it myself. I can lift some heavy things, but this is just too much. I had arrived with lots of supplies to try a variety of complex strategies to move it onto the rolling wooden work table I had brought. It turns out that two guys can’t lift it really, but we can slide it. So we slid it onto my table and it was ready to go into the corner and wait until the van was packed before its turn to go.
[Cutter on wheels]
I had brought plywood and 2x4s for moving the cutter, but we used them to build a ramp for the dolly and help us get other heavy stuff into the van.
[Homemade ramp]
Since this was the last trip, we were able to spot everything in the space that belonged to the letterpress studio and not some other interest. This big granite (and gneiss) slab is heavy and perfectly flat to ensure that all of the letters are standing up straight and level before they are locked up and taken to the press.
[Imposing surface]
This adorable little card press was in its original box. I don’t know if I’ll get to working order, but it will look great in a display of historic printing ephemera.
[Big bonanza printing press]
At last we got everything into the van. Ann said goodbye to her old studio for the last time and I headed home to get it all unloaded before bed.
[Ann and the van]
Thank goodness my friend, Wonder, was available to help. Some of this stuff was just unwieldy, especially the guillotine. But we did it and even took a minute for a photo before going to bed.
 [Me and the little guillotine]
It will be very nice to finish moving so I can set up this new studio. Tomorrow is the BIG stuff. Stay tuned!
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