Art and Crafts Press Visit

When I was in Seattle for a couple of shows in May, I decided to make use of my down time between them to visit art supply stores and to meet a woman whose work I’ve admired from a distance, Yoshiko Yamamoto, one of the owners of the Arts and Crafts Press in Tacoma, Washington.

[Ms. Yamamoto in her retail shop]

I wish that I had taken more pictures of her beautiful work space and the impressive equipment that she controls to create her gigantic editions. But I was so captivated by her charm and generosity that  I just forgot.

She walked me through the studio, talking frankly about her equipment, methods, challenges, and aspirations for the future. I learned so much about the printmaking restrictions that led to the work that is such an icon of the arts and crafts style. If I decide to move in the direction of this style, I can see it from a much more critical perspective and understand a little better how to approach it, thanks to her rapid education.

Before this trip I had realized that it will be difficult to push myself in the direction of high quality print work if I don’t have some examples of it in my space. I went to her studio with the goal of purchasing one or two of her works to frame and hang in my studio for inspiration.

[Kayaking at Glacier Bay, 13″x9.5″]
[Crow & Persimmon, 4″x8.75″]
[Greeting cards]

In the end she had given me an hour of her time, so much knowledge, and sent me home with a few pieces of her gorgeous work. Her generosity stands as an example to me of how I want to treat visitors to my space when I get established.

Be sure to check out the website. [Arts & Crafts Press] This company is a super power in the Arts and Crafts design world. 

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