Woodblock Print Intro Sale, $10

Update: This blog sale is over. Any prints that are left have gone up slightly in price and been offered to the public in my Etsy store: blossommerz.

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At last, the time has come for a series I’ve been waiting to post to the blog. It’s called “What’s new and ready for sale?” It’ll be a chance for me to offer my print work to my blog readers before it goes to the general market.

A few months ago I decided that I can’t afford to just pull test prints forever without having some way to cover my expenses. Paper and ink are expensive, say nothing of studio overhead and, drumroll, please… my time. So instead of pulling diagnostic overlapping circles to learn my color lessons, I switched to geometry that I find interesting.
I’ve been working in an 8×10 format for a few weeks now. Each piece is a unique set of colors, hand printed on archival watercolor paper, signed, and backed with matte board. It includes a certificate of authenticity, and will arrive sealed in a cellophane envelope.

[5×5 blocks on 8×10 paper]

[Certificate of Authenticity]

The way I’ll structure these posts will be to show the best dozen prints on my blog periodically. These will be available for mail order – first come, first served. Prints after the best dozen will only be available in person.

Additionally, if you see an image go across my Instagram feed, speak up and you can get it as soon as the ink is dry.

I’m starting the 8×10 prints at $10. If you need them shipped, I’ll just charge you what it costs for supplies and postage, $5 per padded envelope, which can include multiple pieces. All of my prices will, of course, increase as I become more experienced and my work becomes better and more sought after.

I’ll update this page to mark them sold as fast as I can, but there is a slight chance that I’m not fast enough. Any that are left after a week will go into my show inventory or my Etsy store.

Please remember that these pieces are so affordable because they are student work. Some of the ink is too light. Some of it is way too heavy. Sometimes the registration is off. Sometimes a dark color of ink got trapped in the wood grain and squeezed out into lighter prints. These are the kinds of mistakes that I won’t make when I become more experienced, so these early pieces might just end up being the ones that collectors want.
And, please remember that computer colors are never a good representation of the colors in the real inked print. While they look perfect on my screen, your screen may show the colors very differently from the actual print.


[#2 – SOLD]

[#3 – SOLD]

[#4 – SOLD]





[#9 – SOLD]

[#10, warm white paper – SOLD]

[#11, warm white paper – SOLD]

[#12, warm white paper – SOLD]

To place an order, simply comment on this blog post or email me and tell me what number you want.
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  • Greg Pembroke

    April 28, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    I don't know if comments are working but #12 please!