New double-ended jig

When I last showed you the printing process, I was having a problem – since my jig was too short I was rolling over the plates in both directions. Going forward, the plate was prevented from slipping by being pushed into the corner of the jig. On the way back, there was a little wiggle room so the plate was slipping and smudging the print.

The solution was to build a longer jig that would let me park the press rollers on the end of the plate to take the paper and plate out before resetting the press. Here it is!

[Long jig]
[Jig on the press]
Now, after I run the plate through the press there is enough room to leave the rollers up on the jig while I remove the print. It works perfectly every time.

[Ready to remove the print]
I can’t wait for the day that I’ve run into and solved all of the problems in my process and can just focus on making art. Ha!
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