Lunar Calendar Fundraiser

Update: I’ve put up an Etsy store for folks who want a calendar but have no plans to come through Wolf Creek before May. I’m only charging enough for shipping to recover the cost of the envelope and postage.

The time has finally arrived to start delivering calendars. Thanks to those of you who have been patient while I figure out how to produce, package, and deliver my first batch of printmaking.

I made a critical error in the printing process and skipped an ink additive that’s kind of necessary – the drying agent. With it, these prints would have been ready to start delivering before I left for the conference last week. Without it, they’re only ready now. 12 days instead of 3. I won’t make that mistake again!

Now that they’re ready to handle, I’m signing and numbering them and adding a certificate of authenticity. Let’s just imagine that one day I’ll have a level of esteem in the printmaking and art worlds that makes my work collectible. My signature coupled with this certificate to prove that there are very few of these in the world is what will make them valuable. If that never happens, you’ll have a beautiful memento of helping an artist start a brand new business.

[Certificate of Authenticity]
[Signing and packaging workspace]
Each piece is signed, numbered and put into a protective sleeve with a piece of matte board to keep it from bending.

[Packaged calendar]
The first pieces to be reserved are already set aside to be sure that the folks who want them will get them. The next ones can be reserved by folks who know they will see me in person in the next month. (Just leave a comment on this post or send me a private message.) They are $20 each, and probably about $7 extra if you need it shipped. (I got padded envelopes today and I’ll get a real USPS quote tomorrow.)
In the next few days, I’ll have a web store with online checkout and shipping options. Don’t wait, though. There really are only 49 of them and they’re going fast. If you will be in the area or know someone who can bring it to you, reserving one is a more certain way to secure one than to hope on catching the web sale before they’re gone.
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