Lunar Calendar Printing

Just like I expected, last night didn’t include much sleep. I woke up early, excited to tackle the huge batch of printing today.

Before I could do anything, though, I had to take time to carefully tear the large sheets of paper down to size. Contrary to standard practice, I decided to just tear down half of it at once.
[Tear bar and paper]
[Half of today’s paper]
It’s exciting and daunting to see this much raw material waiting for me to do something. Once the paper was ready, it was time to unwrap the ink that I had prepared yesterday. That blob is way bigger than it looks in a photo. It probably weighs 3-4 ounces. Thankfully, the consistency was just the same today as it was last night so I didn’t have to spend time modifying it again.
[Ink is patiently waiting]
Here’s a quick snapshot of my workspace at some point in the middle of the day.
[Tidy and compact setup]
It was a long and difficult day that ended when the ink ran out. I expected to pull 60 prints so that I could choose the 50 best ones for my edition. The ink ran out after 49 prints. I was so tired at the end of the day that I couldn’t even think about choosing prints that are good enough for the edition. I’ll sort them after they’ve had a few days to dry.
[Stack of prints]
I did, however, take a certain amount of pleasure in bringing some finality to the process. It’s traditional to destroy the matrix after a limited edition is pulled, making it impossible to print more.
[Matrix is destroyed]
It is finished!
Next week I’ll sign, number, and wrap these prints so that they’re ready for the folks who are supporting this fundraiser. If you’d like one you can email me, contact me through any of my social media accounts, or see me in person.
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