Setting up the Studio

I’ve been snowed in for days. Every once in a while, though, it’s been clear enough to walk the two miles to the studio downtown. I really want to be printing, but it’s going to take a few days to get everything moved, the type unpacked, and the press adjusted.

[Making sure I left enough room for access]
As you saw in yesterday’s video, the very heavy press rolls easily on short pieces of pipe. Once it was in place, I used a heavy hammer to pound one pipe sideways and lock the press in place while I lifted it with a car jack and removed the pipes.
[Pipe in the brake position]
While I was snowed in, I had taken a list of measurements home with me and worked out the beginnings of a floor plan for the new studio.
[The Plan]
[The results]
When we were packing up the type, it was all so fast that I couldn’t really stop and look at all of what I was getting. Here are a few highlights from the “bullets and borders” case.
[Manicule, Printer’s Fist]
[Beautiful Borders]
[Awesome creatures]
And then, there are the fonts themselves. I think that I will need to print a set of specimens in between real work to give me an idea of what these fonts are and how they can be used together.
[an unusual “rt” ligature]
It’s all very exciting and will be even moreso when I finally have the press adjusted and can do some printing!
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