Month: December 2016

Letterpress Studio Move, Day 2

This was another big day for my new letterpress studio. The first thing I did was take one step to prepare for the grand finale of the moving process, renting a trailer and hauling BIG stuff. Before I can rent a trailer, I needed a trailer hitch.   [Just got […]

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Lead Type – Studio Move, Day 1

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind! Before I start to tell the story, I want to give a little context. If you just want the story of moving half a ton of lead, skip to the picture of the type cases… When I posted these pictures on […]

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Letterpress Fundraiser

Help me buy an antique letterpress and bring hand printmaking to Wolf Creek! After years of production weaving, I’m ready to move on to another hand craft. For the last year, I’ve studied many different types of printmaking, traveling as far as Nebraska in search of the best teachers. The […]

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