Month: July 2016

Ink Packet Storage Rack

I know that it seems funny to let myself go on a tangent like this right now, but there’s a skill that I want to brush up on. When I’ve got a booth full of prints, I’ll need displays to show them off and allow customers to browse through them. […]

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Reduction Woodblock, Foreground…

For the next reduction woodblock, I’ve decided to incorporate stencils and viscosity. Since I don’t have lots of time for my printmaking education while I’m in the middle of weaving show season, I’m trying to combine as many things as I can into each test. [Carved ditch] One of the […]

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Reduction on Washi

There are quite a few things that I’ll be learning at Constellation Studios that I don’t have much experience with. Japanese washi paper and reduction woodcut are among those things. For this test, I decide to kill two birds with one stone by doing a reduction woodcut on japanese paper. […]

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