Discounts For Blog Readers

Last week’s blog sale went amazingly well. Y’all bought 7 of the 12 pieces that I posted. I appreciate your support so I want to make sure to treat you well. I will always give my blog readers the first pick of my new work as it comes up for sale.

I also really need to streamline the process. Last week I had a hard time finishing my printing work because I spent so much time online listing and re-listing items for sale. I also spent a lot of time fielding purchase inquiries through Facebook, Instagram, blog comments, and emails. I hope I didn’t miss any!

[This week’s offerings]

[Item numbers]

This week, instead of listing the individual items for sale on my blog, I’m going to list them directly on Etsy. The listings will go live at 9:00 on Monday. They will list for $12 each plus shipping, but blog readers can get them for 25% off by using a coupon code: BLOGMAY16. (This makes them $9 instead of the $10 that I was asking last week.)

If there is an item that you see in the above image that you think you want, please visit the original blog post HERE and leave me a comment. (These blog posts get referenced and cross-posted all over the place!) I’ll still refer you to the Etsy listing on Monday to see closeups and make a final decision, but I will put your name in the listing to prevent others from buying it until you’ve had a chance to see it.

As always, in person interaction takes precedence. If you show up in my studio you can get whatever pieces you like, even ones that aren’t featured here, and never pay for shipping.

I’m excited to see what y’all think of this week’s work. Enjoy!

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