Getting Ready For Web Sales

Yesterday I launched my first printmaking web sale. Here are some snapshots from the day that it took me to prepare for it.

First, I had to spend an hour signing prints and getting them quickly into cellophane for protection. Every minute that a print spends loose in the studio is a chance for something to damage it – ink, coffee, finger grease, etc.

Once they were safe I had to shoot photos of the chosen dozen. You can see that space is a little tight for such a large setup, but it’s the easiest way I could come up with to hold so many light fixtures. The pipe rig barely squeezes between the sewing machine and the (currently empty) loom.

[Lighting rig in situ]
Smooth, even, bright lighting is crucial to photographing flat media. With four fixtures suspended just two feet above the prints, it was very bright.

[Lighting setup]
Then I had to design, print, cut, and insert the Certificate of Authenticity before sealing the envelope.

[Prints and Certificates]
At the end of the day I had two very satisfying stacks of prints, twelve to sell online and even more to put directly into my booth inventory. It’s my goal to do this process once a week to get my web store full of interesting work and keep the cost of my materials covered. I won’t really make any profit until I’m selling in higher volumes and experienced enough to charge higher prices, but covering my ongoing costs is the first step!
I sold 5 of the 12 on my first day. Thanks, y’all! If your favorite has already sold, keep an eye on this space. I’ll soon being hosting a variety of sales and publishing them a little earlier than I did with this one. This series of work is all original so I won’t duplicate a color scheme, but I’m sure that you’ll see something that you like in one of my future sales.

[Two stacks of prints]