Studio Infrastructure

Things are changing in the rented studio space downtown. The space where I have been winding beams and doing woodwork looks like it is going to turn into a cooperatively run gallery and, maybe, a coffee shop. To that end, I’ve started setting up a printmaking studio in the separate, back part of the building. Here are a few of the steps that I’ve taken to get it set up…

First, I needed a table to do my inking and work with the baby press. The existing table is too small and a few inches too short, but thankfully I have extra lumber just lying around in the wood shop. Since I am going to just bolt it through the existing table for a quick-and-dirty solution, I sized the framing to that surface.

[Framing on the original table]

[Attaching the fiberboard tabletop to the framing]

Here’s a test setup. After I’ve used it for a while and know that this is how I want it, I’ll drill some holes to bolt down the press. Even though it’s small, it still wants to slide around when I’m cranking prints through it.

[All done]

The next thing I needed was a place to hang my tools so that they’re readily accessible and not piled up on a shelf getting lost and damaged. So, I framed a piece of pegboard and bolted it to the wall. My favorite part is the magnetic palette knife holder. So many tools in so little space! And there is still plenty of room on the board to add more tools.

[Tool board]
I know that the new space will continue to develop as I get more of the tools and create more of the procedures that will turn it into a functioning print shop. It’s going to be an exciting Summer!
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