Jig Trouble

Beginner’s luck, that’s what I’m calling my last month of success with the registration jig. I’ve pulled hundreds of impressions with fantastic registration and no problems.

[Jig and print]
Well, that run came to an end today. I decided to try cranking up the press tension 1/4 of a millimeter. On the first print with the new setting, one of the registration pegs sheared off.
“Huh. Must have been a weak spot in the wood,” I thought to myself. Uh, nope! The next impression sheared off another peg. Then another and another.
[Last print with two sheared pegs stuck in the paper.]
Ah, well! This is why I use the CNC cutter, right? I can just make a new one. Well, yeah, I can. But maybe I should have had more coffee first. I was apparently asleep at the wheel.
[Ink missed the paper]

See those skipped spots on the print? It must have been badly inked, right?

[Ink still on the block]

Well, no. The ink is still sitting there on the block. What!? Why?

[Hanger slot from when this piece of wood was going to be a sign]
Oh, look at that! There’s a bit of support structure that’s missing from the jig. It didn’t seem like a big deal when I carved it. I mean, the block is 1/2″ thick birch. It wouldn’t flex so much over such a short distance that it totally misses the paper, would it?

Well, yes, it would. Back to the wood shop. This time I’ll pay closer attention.