First Test With Cobalt Drier

Yahoo! My shipment of printmaking chemicals arrived today, chief among them the cobalt drier that I couldn’t wait to try. Here is the first layer of the first test…

[Transparency gradient test]

When you look up close at the last four prints, you can see that I experienced my first challenge with the drier. It made the ink thicken up while I was working. In the following image, you’ll notice that #1 is nice and smooth. #2 has uneven coverage because the ink was thickening on the slab. #3 has even more blotchy areas of poor coverage. In #4, I’m compensating by layering some extra ink onto the plate, but I still have poor coverage.

[The last four prints]
[The second to last, up close]
[One drop of cobalt drier and one drop of black in a pool of transparent tint base]
The real tests will be tonight and tomorrow when I lay down the next layers. If the drier has done its job, the next layers will sit on top instead of blending with the previous layers. Fingers crossed!