Business Development Outline

I know I’m a little late for an introspective New Year post, but it is the time for me to plan out the year. This year is going to be a bit different since I’ll be spending half of my time developing a new business and the other half running the business that I already have.

Here’s an outline of how I plan to have the printmaking business just off the ground by May 1. There will be some multi-tasking, but this outline is mostly meant to be followed top-to-bottom. If things go anything like I plan, I’ll start the year with nothing but some equipment and a dream and end the year with a retail booth full of my printmaking work.

  • Education
    • Focus on specific skills
      • ink opacity
      • color layering
      • ink drying additives
      • image processing
    • Study historical artists
    • Research current artists
  • Product Development
    • Focus on one style
    • Develop products appropriate for each size
  • Production
    • Develop faster system for processing images to generate color separations
    • Develop faster and more accurate system for registering and carving blocks
    • Design and build print organizing system
    • Design and build drying racks
    • Develop systems for printing and drying multiple large projects at once
    • Record-keeping is an important part of print work.
  • Merchandising
    • Develop and invest in protection for prints
      • Cellophane envelopes
      • Matting
      • Framing
  • Marketing
    • Online
      • Store
      • Social Media
    • Galleries
      • Consignment
      • Shows
  • Retail Display
    • Propanels
    • Print bins
    • Lights
If I’m going to be ready to apply to higher-end shows in 2017, I’ll need a new booth full of new work so that I can take a “booth shot” this coming fall to use in next year’s applications. It’s a big goal, but if I just stay focused and do a little bit every day I should be able to get there just in time.