Wood Block Printing Production

[my first high quality print]

[mixing up a cool black]
[inking station and makeshift press]
[big table with the first prints]
For those of you who are following along, this post will feel like a “fast forward” because I decided to skip a few months of development and cut to the present. I will go back and tell you about the acquisition and assembly of a CNC router, the design of a batch of wooden boxes, the production of hundreds of wooden signs, and the development of my woodblock cutting techniques, but I want to share the part of the project that is currently exciting me.
This coming weekend I’ll be showing and selling woodblock prints for the first time ever. I’ve got three days to develop my printing practices and print as much work as I can so that it can dry in time for the show. This past weekend, along with my garments I sold wooden signs and printing blocks. I checked with the manager of the market and found that, since I had gotten my blocks reviewed by the committee, I would be allowed to sell prints.
Well, the ink and paper that I had ordered arrived on Monday and that afternoon I got home, got set up, and pulled my first print.
To Be Continued…
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