Rewind to January 2015, Palette and Pattern Experiments

My favorite “summer” tea bowl

The extracted palette, applied to some pretty math
In the next few posts, I’m going to record some creative tangents that have flared up as I explore options for what to do to support myself after weaving.
These images show a little project I did last Winter, dusting off some old code that I wrote to analyze a photo and extract the “feeling” from it in the form of a color palette. I then use the extracted color palette to “paint by numbers” in a mathematically-created design.
A few years ago I created hundreds of these types of images with the idea that one day I’d do something creative with them. Well, I’m not ruling out that idea quite yet. This method of extracting color and applying it to pattern is still swirling in the back of my mind to find a place in my art world.