Return, return, return!

Hellooooooo, out there! Is there anyone else who, like me, doesn’t get around to unsubscribing from inactive websites? If so, you’re in luck! This blog is becoming active again.

Why, you might ask? Well, after five years of focus on my weaving, I’m finding that a singular focus doesn’t serve me any longer. The repetitive motion is having longterm effects on my shoulder and my creative spirit is restless. Therefore, I’m unbranding myself as “The Weaving Monk”, disconnecting the social media stuff around that part of me and focusing on exploration of other avenues of creativity.
I’m also refreshing this blog because I’m becoming disenchanted with the social media scene. It’s easy, fluffy, and temporary. When I look back at my “feed” to remind myself where I’ve been, I’m appalled. There are few postings of real substance there. Instead, I seem to have slept for a couple of years, just passing on tidbits of other people’s writing and “news”.